Useful phrases in Chuvash

A collection of useful phrases in Chuvash, a Turkic language spoken mainly in the Chuvash Republic, a part of the Russian Federation.

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Key to abbreviations: frm = formal, inf = informal

Phrase Чӑваш чӗлхи (Chuvash)
Hello (General greeting) Салам! (Salam!)
Лайӑх-и (Lajăh-i)
Сывӑ-и (Syvă-i)
Hello (on phone)
How are you? Мӗнлӗ пурӑнатӑн?
(Mĕnlĕ purănatăn?)
Ӗҫсем мӗнле?
(Ĕśsem mĕnle?)
Reply to 'How are you?' Ешсем лайӑх.
(Ešsem lajăh)
Long time no see
What's your name? Есӗ мӗн йатлӑ?
(Esĕ mĕn jatlă?)
My name is ... Епӗ ... йатлӑ.
(Epĕ ... jatlă)
Where are you from? Есӗ хӑсх шӗрсхывран?
(Esĕ hăsh šĕrshyvran?)
I'm from ... Есě ... килнӗ
(Esě ... kilnĕ)
Pleased to meet you
Good morning
(Morning greeting)
Ыра кун пултӑр (Yra kun pultăr)
Good afternoon
(Afternoon greeting)
Ыра кун пултӑр (Yra kun pultăr)
Good evening
(Evening greeting)
Ыра каш пултӑр (Yra kaš pultăr)
Good night Ырă каç пултăр (Iră kaş pultăr)
(Parting phrases)
Цхипер (Chiper) - inf
Тепре тӗл пулицхцхен (Tepre tĕl pulichchen) - frm
Сывӑ пулӑр (Syvă pulăr)
Good luck!
Cheers! Good Health!
(Toasts used when drinking)
Тав сире! (Tav sire!)
Have a nice day
Bon appetit /
Have a nice meal
Bon voyage /
Have a good journey
Yes Тӗрӗс (Tĕrĕs)
Тӗ (Tĕ)
No Тӗрӗс мар (Tĕrĕs mar)
I don't know Епӗп ӗлместӗп (Epĕp ĕlmestĕp)
I understand
I don't understand Епӗ ӑнланмастӑп. (Epĕ ănlanmastăp)
Please speak more slowly Тархасшӑн, майӗпенрех калаҫӑр
(Tarhashăn, majĕpenreh kalašăr)
Please say that again
Please write it down
Do you speak English?
Do you speak Chuvash?
Yes, a little
(reply to 'Do you speak ...?')
Speak to me in Chuvash
How do you say ... in Chuvash?
Excuse me Кашарӑр (Kašarăr)
How much is this? Ку мӗн хак тӑрать? (Ku mĕn hak tărat'?)
Sorry Кашарӑр (Kašarăr)
Please Тархассхӑн (Tarhasshăn)
Thank you Тав! (Tav!)
Пысӑк тав! (Pysăk tav!) - inf
Пысӑк тав сана! (Pysăk tav sana!) - frm
Reply to thank you
Where's the toilet / bathroom? Ӑҫта аллӑна ҫума пулать? (Ӑşta allӑna şuma pulat'?)
This gentleman will pay for everything
This lady will pay for everything
Would you like to dance with me?
Do you come here often?
I miss you
I love you Эпĕ сана юрататăп (Epĕ sana juratatăp)
Get well soon
Go away!
Leave me alone!
Help! Пулӑсхӑр! (Пulăshăr!)
Call the police!
Christmas greetings Ҫӗнӗ ҫул ячӗпе саламлатпӑр
(Şĕnĕ şul jačĕpe salamlatpăr) - Happy new year
New Year greetings Ҫӗнӗ ҫул ячӗпе саламлатпӑр
(Şĕnĕ şul jačĕpe salamlatpăr)
Easter greetings
Birthday greetings Ҫурална кун ячепе (Şuralna kun yaçepe)
Щурална кун ячепе саламлатап
(Şçuralna kun yaçepe calamlatap)
One language is never enough
My hovercraft is full of eels

Chuvash phrases provided mainly by Alexander

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