Numbers in Cuyonon

Information about counting in Cuyonon, a member of the Philippine branch of the Malayo-Polynesian language family spoken mainly in the Cuyo Islands in the Philippines.

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Numeral Cardinal numbers
1 isara (ono)
2 darwa (dos)
3 tatlo (tris)
4 apat (koatro)
5 lima (singko)
6 anem (sais)
7 pito (syiti)
8 walo (otso)
9 siam (noibi)
10 sampolo (dyis)
11 sampolo ig isara (onsi)
12 sampolo ig darwa (dosi)
13 sampolo ig tatlo (trisi)
14 sampolo ig apat (katorsi)
15 sampolo ig lima (kinsi)
16 sampolo ig anem (disisais)
17 sampolo ig pito (disiyiti)
18 sampolo ig walo (disiotso)
19 sampolo ig siam (disinoibi)
20 darwampolo (bainti)
21 darwampolo ig isara
22 darwampolo ig darwa
23 darwampolo ig tatlo
24 darwampolo ig apat
25 darwampolo ig lima
26 darwampolo ig anem
27 darwampolo ig pito
28 darwampolo ig walo
29 darwampolo ig siam
30 tatlompolo (trainta)
31 tatlompolo ig isara (traintay ono)
40 apat nga polo, apat ka polo (koarinta)
41 apat nga polo ig isara (koarintay ono)
50 limampolo (singkointa)
51 limampolo ig isara (singkointay ono)
60 anem ka polo (sisinta)
61 anem ka polo ig isara (sisintay ono)
70 pitom polo (sitinta)
71 pitom polo ig isara (sitintay ono)
80 walompolo (otsinta)
81 walompolo ig isara (otsintay ono)
90 siam ka polo (nobinta)
91 siam ka polo ig isara (nobintay ono)
100 sanggatos (sintos)
101 sanggatos ig isara, sanggatos mi isara
200 darwa ka gatos (dos syintos)
300 tatlo ka gatos (tris syintos)
400 apat ka gatos (koatro syintos)
500 lima ka gatos (singko syintos)
600 anem ka gatos (sais syintos)
700 pito ka gatos (syiti syintos)
800 walo ka gatos (otso syintos)
900 siam ka gatos (noibi syintos)
1,000 saka ribo (mil)
1,001 saka ribo ig isara, saka ribo mi isara
2,000 darwa ka ribo
3,000 tatlo ka ribo
4,000 apat ka ribo
5,000 lima ka ribo
6,000 anem ka ribo
7,000 pito ka ribo
8,000 walo ka ribo
9,000 siam ka ribo
1,000,000 milion, saka milion

Numbers in italics are Spanish loan words

Hear some Cuyonon numbers:


Information about the Cuyonon language and people

Information compiled by Wolfgang Kuhl

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