Numbers in Tagabawà

How to count in Tagabawà, a Philippine language spoken in Davao City and Mount Apo in Mindanao in the Philippines.

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Numeral Cardinal numbers Ordinal numbers
1 ássà, unu tagnà, una
2 duwa, dus ikaduwa
3 tállu, trés ikatállu
4 áppat, kuwatru ikappat
5 lima, singku ikalima
6 ánnám, sayis ikaánnám
7 pittu, siti ikapittu
8 walu, utsu ikawalu
9 siyó, nuwibi ikasiyó
10 sapulù, dyis ikasapulù
20 duwa pulù, bayinti  
30 tállu pulù, trayinta  
40 kappatan, kwarénta  
50 kaliman, singkuwinta  
60 kannáman, saysinta  
70 kapittuwan, sitinta
80 kawaluwan, utsinta  
90 kasiyawan, nubinta  
100 sábbad gatus, siyintu  
1,000 sábbad mararan, mil  
once tagsábbaddé
twice ikaduwa dán  
3 times ikatállu dán  
4 times ikappat dán  
5 times ikalima dán  

Numbers in italics are Spanish loanwords

Source: Tô Mga Manubù Na Ágpatóngkóé Katô Kinagiyan Ka Tagabawà. Tagabawà Phrase Book. Summer Institute of Linguistics, Inc. Translators – 1998.

Information provided by Wolfgang Kuhl

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