Numbers in Waray-Waray

How to count in Waray-Waray, a Bisayan language spoken mainly in the Eastern Visayas Region of the Philippines.

Waray-Waray has two sets of numbers: native numbers (show first), and numbers borrowed from Spanish (shown second). The Spanish-derived ones are used from numbers above 11 by most Waray-Waray speakers, with the exceptions of hundred and thousand among older speakers.

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Numeral Cardinal numbers Ordinal numbers
1 usá, uno siyahan
2 duhá, dos ikaduha
3 tuló, tres ikatulo
4 upat, kuwatro ikaupat
5 limá, singko ikalima
6 unom, sais/says ikaunom
7 pitó, syete ikapito
8 waló, otso ikawalo
9 siyám, nuebe/nuybe ikasiyam
10 napúlô, dies/dyis ikanapulo
11 napúlô kag-usá, onse
12 napúlô kagduhá, dose
13 napúlô kagtuló, trese
14 napúlô kag-upat, katorse
15 napúlô kaglimá, kinse
16 napúlô kag-unom, disisays/disisais
17 napúlô kagpitó, disisyete
18 napúlô kagwaló, disiotso
19 napúlô kagsiyám, disinuybe
20 karuhaàn, baynte
21 karuhaàn kag-usà, baynte uno
22 karuhaàn kagduhà, baynte dos
30 katluàn, traynta
40 kap-atàn, kuwarenta
50 kalim-àn, singkwenta
60 kaunmàn, saysenta/sisenta
70 kapituàn, sitenta
80 kawaluàn, otsenta/ochienta
90 kasiyamàn, nobenta
100 usa ka gatòs, syen
1,000 usa ka yukòt, mil
1,000,000 usa ka ribo, milyon

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