The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11: 1-9)


The Tower of Babel story in Sabethir


Maradhbar Babeled

  1. Arduen elyaman ceadha eno nindhé i eno hiasygamad.
  2. Erthé ladhwélagan sabethenin, hindadhwé shinaruin reflé, sirthahadhwé areth.
  3. Himostadhwé "Vyra, thryara rodé, brievarahysil dhé." Ruviadhwé brocethvir rod i farglithein turcyr.
  4. Ahiadhwéhyiler "Vyra, thonthryara méliag oumon i dhelief maradhbar y docuadho avuileo. Arehin lovtumvo larymem, dvialinvo elief elethyaman."
  5. Uin é iladhahythern minaranwen oumon i maradhbar y adha thonthryidh erthélie.
  6. É ahiadha "Es eno erthostein y hiadhé nindhéhycamad sirvydhwé er sel luimvyhyaman dhélie adhvo nihar.
  7. Vyra, ilarahythern, ceninandvolamb thvotho athuninara nindhéhydhes."
  8. Aren é dvialadha arethin eluesyaman dhé, ecadhwé thonthryar oumon.
  9. É athuninadhalesve nindhé eledyaman anidh babel. Arethin dvialadha eluesyaman dhé.

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