The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11: 1-9)


The Qahmaniyan alphabet was created by S. Hawley to write his Quensian language.

Tower of Babel story in the Qahmeniyan alphabet and the Quensian language.


Torenius Babelen

  1. Isme ilar-nuria, ilmery-lerilium elre ilsahr-loriqum esmadulbit.
  2. Elreya nuiqus otihsat esmigeveriqit, nurilial Sinaren ramzam esmadarbiqit elre ditium esmaviriqit.
  3. Elre elditiqum esmagaleriqit, “veriqil, rusiqum osraqaltiqis elre ditiqum ilariqis osrafarisiqis.” Elre rusium edar rumeniar elre birgydum edar meyrur esmadulbiqit.
  4. Ilne esmaleriqit, “Veriqil, apuliam elre torenium dulbe zanum ditiun serlisiqal osranedisiqit, elre qeldini osradiqit, ilar-nuriat vosmadyheldiqit.”
  5. Elre qirius apuli-torenium sintini esmaseverit, elnur nuithiqus nuiqun esmarnedisiqit.
  6. Elre qirius esmalerit, “Sintinil, ilmery-nuius ismadiqit, elre ilmery-lerilium ismadulbiqit. Dius ibdis esmera qyin osmaquisiqit. Elre nyrade osmadaquisiqit ditiqur nyqerte osmadit.”
  7. “Veriqil, osmasevariqis elre ditiqun lerilium osmatemziqis, ilelre aditiqun lerilium nosmaqildiqit.”
  8. Ilre qirius ditium ilar-nuriat esmadyheldit, elre apuliam nesmanedisiqit.
  9. Ilelre Babelem esmayildrit, elzin qirius ilar-nurian lerilium esmatemzit.

The Tower of Babel in constructed languages/alphabets

Avorentas HGV, Bel'Arian, Brithenig, Cujoltha, Durustal, Fishscales, Gyorsrovás, Klingon, Kweda, Nassian, Neo-Black Speech, Oxidilogi, Qahmaniyan, Quenya, Quikscript, Sabethir, Silesian, Toki Pona, Üqoi, Viozian, Venedic, Yahudi Türkçesi

Other Tower of Babel translations

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