The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11: 1-9)


Tower of Babel in Bel'Arian


  1. in in dtirën run'wergonion wín dongwil gcarnuriot.
  2. Fir amariot hwi in moràn bhfariot. Dan in dtárn Sineàr bel dthansiliot, in aw ban laliar enniot. Milan wergonir sinhin bhfaruriot hwi shimiot hurn munnfíril.
  3. Inalarir ai bail bpiluriot cemiar dteir'amar. In in dteiër bpicin'amer dturiot chunic nguma i riniot an safaiàr. Cunsin'atan gcemaràr.
  4. "Saiar bhfër narër gandurian hurn'anhirion, fuin nan'dtururian dalma ivar-mullinar," oronuriot. Hwi shaiar gceman dteyr anviot. Milan bpetirir brannil simuriot hwo co shimënt esfilt handuriot.
  5. Win dTarnan gcarimiot cemain dteyr hwi phicyn,
  6. sichiot: "carimanin ni thinuriat, lan ennuriat ah'anvàn nutarchain dtheiain. Ah'in bhfër, nu win dongwël dthareiël, senir lamlin nan'bparanion ennariat!
  7. Farunin in undën hwi 'haren danwunin dongwilër'itarëc, fuin nan'sanlanuriat ensaer nur!’
  8. saiar Daenin disiphiot wergonár un demàn tunián, hwi shinguriot cema their.
  9. Anin in dteir Babel (Winsinnau) onomiot. Enniat hurn wo Tharnan gcemiot winsinnen sirun wergonár dun danwa tharen dongwilir'itaric, hwi dhisipha thari un demàn tunián.

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