The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11: 1-9)

The Tower of Babel story in Hebrew


  1. Vayehi khol-ha'arets safa ekhat udvarim akhadim.
  2. Vayehi bnas'am mikedem vayyimtse'u vik'a b'erets Shin'ar vayyeshvu sham.
  3. Vayyomru ish el-re'ehu hava nilbena lvenim venisrefa lisrefa vatehi lahem hallvena l'aven vehakhemor haya lahem lakhomer.
  4. Vayyomru hava nivne-lanu ir umigdal verosho vashamayim vena'ase-lanu shem pen-nafuts al-pnei khol-ha'arets.
  5. Vayyered Adonai lir'ot et-ha'ir ve'et-hammigdal asher banu bnei ha'adam.
  6. Vayyomer Adonai hen am ekhad vesafa akhat lekhullam veze hakhillam la'asot ve'ata lo-yibatser mehem kol asher yazmu la'asot.
  7. Vhava nerda vnovla sham sfatam asher lo yishme'u ish sefat re'ehu.
  8. Vayyafets Adonai otam misham al-pnei khol-ha'arets vayyakhdelu livnot ha'ir.
  9. Al-ken kara shmah bavel ki-sham balal Adonai shefat kol-ha'arets umisham hefitsam Adonai al-pnei kol-ha'arets.

Transliteration by Libor Sztemon,

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