The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11: 1-9)


Babel Innsang

  1. Hlanah cun vawleicung mi vialte hna nih hin holh phun khat lawng an rak ngei i bia an rak hmanmi cu an i khat dih.
  2. Nichuahlei i an hei i thawn tikah Shinar ram ah khan nelrawn pakhat an va phan i cuka ah cun umhmun an khuar.
  3. Cun pakhat le pakhat cu, “Ra u! Tlakrawh ser u si law mei in raw hna u sih,” an i ti. Cuticun inn saknak ah tlakrawh cu an hman hna i a senghnak ah bitumeni an hman hna.
  4. Cun annih nih an i thawh i, “Atu cu khuapi pakhat kan ser lai i a chungah innsang pakhat, a par van tawng in kan sak lai. Kan thang kan i chuah lai i vawlei cungah hin kan i ṭhek lai lo,” an ti.
  5. Cun hi mi hna nih khuapi an sermi le innsang an sakmi zoh awkah khan Bawipa cu a rung ṭum i
  6. “Atu cu hi mi vialte hna hi miphun phun khat an si, holh pakhat lawng an hmang i atu i an tuahmi hi hmailei ah an tuah laimi thil a hramthawknak lawng a si. A rauh hlanah an duhmi thil paoh kha an tuah khawh ko lai.
  7. Cucaah cun pakhat le pakhat an holh an i hngalh khawh nakhnga lo, vung kal u si law an holh kha vung danter dih hna u sih,” a ti.
  8. Cuticun Bawipa nih vawlei cung khuazakip ah a ṭhek dih hna i khuapi ser cu an ngol.
  9. Cu khuapi cu a min ah Babel an ti, zeicahtiah cuka ah cun Bawipa nih mi vialte kha an holh a danter hna i cuka cun vawlei cung khuazakip ah khan a ṭhek hna.


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