The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11: 1-9)


Babel Lungdawl

  1. Hlanah cun leilungtlun mi hmuahhmuah in ṭong phunkhat lawng an nei ih ṭongfang bangrep an hmang.
  2. Nisuahnak lamah an vai ih Babilonia nelrawn an thleng ih cutawkah khua an to.
  3. Cutikah, “Ra hnik uh, phahlei tuah in meisa ah rawh uh si,” tiah pakhat le pakhat an ti aw. Cutiin inn saknak ah tlakrawh an nei ih a erhnak ah ṭhung an tuah.
  4. Cuṭheh in, “Ra uh; Kan hrangah khuapi kan tuah pei ih van dai in lungdawl kan tuah pei. Kanmah ih hrangah hmin nei ve seh; cule leilung khuazakip ah darhdai lo in kan um ding a si,” tiah an ti aw.
  5. Cutikah milai ih an tuahmi khuapi le lungdawl zoh dingah Bawipa cu a rung ih,
  6. “Zoh hnik uh, hi pawl hi an zate in miphun phunkhat an si ih ṭong pakhat an hmang. An tuahmi hi thil tuah an tummi a hramthawhnak lawng a si lai. A rei hlanah tuah an duhmi hmuahhmuah an tuahsuak thei ding.
  7. Curuangah kan vung feh pei ih pakhat le pakhat an aan ciingaw lo dingin an ṭong kan cokrawi thluh pei,” tiah a ti.
  8. Cutiin Bawipa in milai pawl cu leilung khuazakip ah a ṭhekdarh thluh ih khuapi cu an sak ṭheh suak lo.
  9. A cuih khuapi cu Babelm tiah an ti, ziangahtile cutawkah milai ih ṭong cu Bawipa in a cokrawi sak thluh ih, leilungtlun khuazakip ah a ṭhekdarh thluh hai a si.


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