The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11: 1-9)


Babel Suangtian

  1. Nidang laihin, leihummi hempohin, awn pa khat bek nei in, kammal bangtenin mang haw hi.
  2. Nisuahnak lamah vai haw in, Babilonia phillawn hengin mahlaiah khuasat haw hi.
  3. Amuh ten pa khat le pa khat lakah, “Hung hem un, ukkhe bawlin, mei ah haal nung,” tin pa khat le pa khat tidun haw hi. Inn saknak tukin ukkhe nei in, a kopnak tukin thung bawl haw hi.
  4. Mahceng ten, “Eimu ca tukin khuapi bawlin, van tawngkha tiangin, suang tiang tuk hung. Eimu ca in min nei bok hen; mahten leihum khua le ngam hempoh ah khenkhek ngawlin um tuk hung hi,” tin ti haw hi.
  5. Topa cu mihing tei bawlmi khuapi le suangtian zo tukin hung hi.
  6. “Zo hem un, hite hi a venghawng haw in, hinnam nam khat hi haw a, awn pa khat mang haw hi. Hi cu a bawl nuam haw mi a patnak bek hi laih hi. A ngei um ngawlin a bawl nuam haw hempoh bawl thei haw tuk hi.
  7. Mah hangin hawhsuk nung inna, pa khat le pa khat a awn haw theidun tuk ngawlin, a awn haw cokpolh khawng nung” tin ti hi.
  8. Mah hangin, Topa in mihingte cu leihum khua le ngam hempoh ah khenkhek khawngin, khuapi cu sa suak haw ma hi.
  9. Mah khuapi cu Babel tin ti haw hi. Itahim titale, Topa in mahlaiah mihing tei awn cu cokpolh sak khawng hi. Mahlai mun pen Topa in amuh cu leihum khua le ngam hempoh ah khenkhektik khawng hi.

11:9 Babel tihmi cu Babilon tih tuah bangten, Hebru awnin cokpolh khawng tihnak hi.


Contributed by Wolfgang Kuhl

Ngawn is a Kuki-Chin language spoken in Chin State and the Sagaing Region in western Myanmar (Burma).

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