The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11: 1-9)


Babel Innhangpaw

  1. Laephi vawlan ccungccaw balyn tuh bya phuin kheit kyalya la hoi hae zah alokuhpaw bya kha la ho hae.
  2. Nithua lang te la nuekuh hae zah Shinar ram abialaenaw san kheit kya la thua hae zah tuin kya khua la sah hae.
  3. Minmin nynh lu kheit te lu kheit hokuh hae zah, “Rang oh, anglae rae oh sih lah maee te hoyte rua oh sih,” a ciku hae. Te lung ccelang anglae kha mang hae zah bede nawlan bitumen kha a mang hae.
  4. Tukoute minmin nynh, “Rang oh, khuapi khua kheit rae oh sih, te adungpaccy te vaawlui phe phahpaw innhangpaw ccangkheit sak oh sih lah ahmaw hanlan minthaannaw rae oh sih; tuhkhyhze tuh laephi pynpi kya pong ah phiakusei cih oh,” a ciku hae.
  5. Te tuh-e ccungccaw hae nynh a rae hae paw khuapi te innhangpaw kha do khylan Bawipaw tuh yn rungbung.
  6. Bawipaw nynh, “Minmin tuh minphuin phuin kheit thua hae zah mih balyn te bya phuin kheit nynh a ho hae; te hynh-e hynh a cyi lan hae paw kyaze masaty nynh athua ung; cyi lan cite a tuaku hae paw kha minmin hanlan athua kho leipaw um vae lan khyh.
  7. Rang oh, rungbung oh sih lah, lu kheit te lu kheit bya a thaekuh khyh ccaw hae, mih bya kha laesah oh sih,” a ci.
  8. Tukeiccuze Bawipaw nynh minmin kha tuin kyate laephi vawlan balyn phiasakuh hae zah khuapi kha rae leite a um vae hae.
  9. Tukeiccuze tuh-e khua min tuh Babel a ci hae, pawccecize tuin kyakhe Bawipaw nynh laephi ccungccaw balyn kya-e bya kha laesah zah tuin kyate Bawipaw nynh laephi vawlan balyn a phiasakuh hae.


Contributed by Wolfgang Kuhl

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