The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11: 1-9)


Babulon yhm ka-sang

  1. 1Angchei y ly khaileaung pri verei y leu harei awm khyh nai deaungkho y khumichi ly leu harei teaung khyh nai ne.
  2. Nichi ly nisi mang y asyh veangveang nai kha y, Babulon pri y adym ang deng harei niu i hu y awm u bo.
  3. Nichi ly mychi tengtawi, “Jeu u! achi iukhi paawp u sina,” nanai arum u. Hunai kamta nichi ly iukhi akau hai nai ketara py sa u teang.
  4. “Vai ly achi khaileaung pri verei y ahei y ai nai hawi amyn amthang jo ai nai, mary pui hawi kani angteu nanai pa-rei asang nai yhm pui so u sina,” nanai arum u bo.
  5. Naibaly ARENG my nichi i mary pui hawi yhm ka-sang sa nai ly khen ai nai satla.
  6. Mymy ly “Khumichi ly cheng harei, leu py harei khyh nai deaungkho y, vai i ka-so mychi i ngai nai kamta sa u veangveang ai bo!
  7. Achi chei iy mychi tengtawi pany thai y ai nai leu athli hai piupa vui sina,” napi.
  8. Huni dengdairei ARENG my nichi ai khaileaung pri verei y ahei hai pawn i, mary pui sa nai py anawn u bo.
  9. ARENG my khumichi ai leu athli hai piupa vui nai deaungkho y huni mary pui ai ly Babulon, nanai palau bo. Hu i dengdairei nichi ai khaileaung pri verei y ahei hai akyhkyh vui nai ne.

11.9: Babulon Babulon, nanai ly "Athli piupa," nanai sai.


Contributed by Wolfgang Kuhl

Khumi (Chin) is a Kuki-Chin language spoken mainly in Chin and Rakhine states in western Myanmar (Burma).

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