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Wyandot is an Iroquoian language formerly spoken in parts of Oklahoma in the USA and Quebec in Canada by the Wyandot people, who are also known as Wyandotte, Wendat or Huron. The language was traditionally considered a dialect or variety of Wendat (Huron), though it is now considered a separate language.

Although Wyandot ceased to be used as a community language in the early 20th century, attempts are currently being made to revive it. The Wyandotte Nation of Oklahoma offer pre-school and elementary school classes in the language. The Wendat Community of Quebec also offers adult and children's classes in the language at the village school in Wendake.

Wyandot was documented by Marius Barbeau, an ethnographer, in Wyandotte in Oklahoma in 1911-1912, and a linguist called Craig Kopris used that information to compile a dictionary and grammar of the language.

Wyandot alphabet and pronunciation

Wyandot alphabet and pronunciation

This the the orthography for Wyandot developed by Craig Kopris and based on the work of Marius Barbeau.

Sample text (Lord's Prayer)

Squah-eh-steh yah-rohn-yih-yeh ih-stah reh, ooh-rah-meh tih sheh-shehn-dooh-tih ooh-tah-wah-teh-steh sah-reh-wah teh-zhooh-tih teh-kyooh tih yah-rohn-yih-yeh. Tah-wah-nohnt noh-mah-kehn-tah-teh hah-mehn-tih-yeh kyah-tahn-deh-tah-queh dah-wah-esh-roh'n-yeh nah-nehngk seh-sah-deh-yooh-hehnk sah-reh-zhah-kohn-dih, teh-zhooh-tih neh-hehn-dih tsoh-mah-deh-yoh hehs nah-nehngk wah-stah-tooh toh-mah squah-nyoh-deh teh-zhah-shooh-tah-quahn-deh-yeh, tah-owah-tah-teh-rohn-teh kah-oohf-keh, sah-ah-heh-sah-meh dooh-rah-meh, nan-nehngk deh yah-wih-shrah, nah-nehngk deh dooh-rah-meh, heh-yeh-hah-keh. Kohn-dih.

NB: this text is using a different spelling system to the alphabet chart above.


Sample of spoken Wyandot


Information about the Wyandot language

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