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Numbers in Tausūg (Bahasa Sūg / بَهَسَ سُوگ)

Information about counting in Tausūg, a Malayo-Polynesian language spoken in parts of the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
0 zero  
1 isa *), hambuuk **) muna, hikaisa
2 duwa hikadua
3 tū, tuw hikatū
4 upat hika’upat
5 lima hikalima
6 unum hika’unum
7 pitu hikapitu
8 walu hikawalu
9 siyam hikasiyam
10 hangpu’ ***) hikahangpu’
11 hangpu’ tag’isa (10+ 1) ****) hikahangpu’ tag’isa
12 hangpu’ tagduwa (10 + 2) etc. hikahangpu’ tagduwa
13 hangpu’ tagtū hikahangpu’ tagtū
14 hangpu’ tag’upat hikahangpu’ tag’upat
15 hangpu’ taglima hikahangpu’ taglima
16 hangpu’ tag’unum hikahangpu’ tag’unum
17 hangpu’ tagpitu hikahangpu’ tagpitu
18 hangpu’ tagwalu hikahangpu’ tagwalu
19 hangpu’ tagsiyam hikahangpu’ tagsiyam
20 kawhaan, kawaan *****) hikakawhaan
21 kawhaan tag’isa hikakawhaan tag’isa
22 kawhaan tagduwa hikakawhaan tagduwa
30 katluan hikakatluan
40 ka’patan hikaka’patan
50 kay’man hikakay’man
60 ka’numan hikaka’numan
70 kapituwan hikakapituwan
77 kapituwan tagpitu hikakapituwan tagpitu
80 kawaluwan hikakawaluwan
90 kasiyáman hikakasiyaman
100 hanggatus hikahanggatus
139 hanggatus katluan tagsiyam hikahanggatus katluan tagsiyam
200 duwanggatus hikaduwanggatus
300 tūnggatus, tuwnggatus hikatūnggatus
400 upat ngagatus hika’upat ngagatus
500 limanggatus hikalimanggatus
574 limanggatus kapituwan tagupat hikalimanggatus kapituwan tagupat
600 unum gatus hikaunum gatus
700 pitunggatus hikapitunggatus
800 walunggatus hikawalunggatus
900 siyam ngagatus hikasiyam ngagatus
1,000 hangibu hikahangibu
1,282 hangibu tagduwang gatus tagkawaluwan tagduwa hikahangibu tagduwang gatus tagkawaluwan tagduwa
2,000 duwa ngaibu hikaduwa ngaibu
2,139 duwa ngaibu hanggatus katluan tagsiyam hikaduwa ngaibu hanggatus katluan tagsiyam
3,000 tū ngaibu, tuw ngaibu, hikatū ngaibu
4,000 upat ngaibu hika’upat ngaibu
5,000 lima ngaibu hikalima ngaibu
6,000 unum ngaibu hika’unum ngaibu
7,000 pitu ngaibu hikapitu ngaibu
8,000 walu ngaibu hikawalu ngaibu
9,000 siyam ngaibu hikasiyam ngaibu
10,000 hangpu’ ngaibu, laksa, salaksa  
20,000 kawhaan ngaibu, duwa laksa  
50,000 kay’man ngaibu, lima laksa  
76,385 kapituwan tagunum ngaibu tūnggatus kawaluwan taglima  
100,000 hanggatus ngaibu, hangpu’ laksa  
1,000,000 milyun  
7,000,000 pitu milyun  

Information compiled by Wolfgang Kuhl


  • *) isa is used only in counting; ranking numbers (hika-isa, “first”) and sometimes occurrences or condition (isa-isa, “alone).
  • **) hambuuk is used when referring to the number or quantity of a subject (hambuuk da, “only one”); in occurrences (nakahambuuk, “once”); and also in telling time (lisag hambuuk, “one o’clock”)
  • ***) The number 10 is formed by hang ‘one’ and pu ‘group of ten’. ‘One hundred’ (gatus), ‘one thousand’ (ibu), and ‘ten thousand’ (laksa) are formed in the same manner. The word hang seems to have originated from the word isa and the linker nga.
  • ****) The numbers 11-19 (as well as 21-29, 31-39, etc.) are formed by adding the prefix tag- (meaning ‘and’) to the numbers from one to nine.
  • ****) The circumfix ka…an is affixed to the numbers from two to nine to form the numbers 20 to 90. Note that some phonological changes also take place with this circumfix.


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