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Numbers in Masbateño (Masbatenyo)

Information about counting in Masbateño, a Bicol-Visayan language spoken in Masbate province in the Philippines.

Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
1 isad, usad primero
2 duwa / duha ikaduha
3 tres, tulo ikatulo
4 kwatro, upat ikaupat
5 singko, lima ikalima
6 sais, unom ikaunom
7 syete, pito ikapito
8 otso, walo ikawalo
9 nuebe, siyam ikasiyam
10 dyis, napulo ikanapulo
11 onse ikaonse
12 dose ikadose
13 trise  
14 katorse  
15 kinse  
16 disisais  
17 disisyete  
18 disisotso  
19 disinwebe  
20 baynte, binte  
30 trenta  
40 kwarinta  
50 singkwenta  
60 sesenta  
70 sitinta  
80 otsinta  
90 nubinta  
100 syin, gatos  
1,000 mil, libo  
1,945 mil nuebe syintos kwarintay singko  

Information compiled by Wolfgang Kuhl

Source: A Masbatenyo-English Dictionary, Linguistic Society of the Philippines. Manila, 2001.

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