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ColorHoney and ColorTokki    ColorHoney / ColorTokki

The ColorHoney and ColorTokki alphabets were invented by Kim Godgul in 2009 as alternative ways of writing English. They use six colours (Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow) and different shapes to represent different letters, with each letter being represented by two colours. The scripts are similar, but use different shapes and are structured slightly differently. Tokki means rabbit in Korean.


ColorHoney alphabet

Sample words

Sample words in the ColorHoney alphabet


ColorTokki alphabet

Sample words

Sample words in the ColorTokki alphabet

More information about Kim Godgul's alphabets (in Korean)

Other con-scripts by Kim Godgul

Baal, ColorHoney / ColourTokki, Geup-Simhangul, Godgul, Hal, Rohal, Sacgul, Simplebet

Other alternative scripts for English

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