Bulughman bogol

Bulughman alphabet

The Bulughman alphabet was invented by TJ to write his conlang of the same name. The conlang is spoken by nomadic people that live on a hypothetical world on the eastern boundaries where they met Alexander, a conquestador, who taught them how to write their own language and communicate.

Notable features

  • Type of writing system: alphabet
  • Direction of writing: right to left in horizontal lines
  • The basic inspiration for letter shapes was the flipped Latin letters
  • Letters marked in red, are letters that do not come connected to the next letter after them
  • The isolated form of the letter is a form by which this letter is written separated from any word, like for ordering things or just to mention the letter alone if the occasion is to be so.

Bulughman alphabet

Bulughman alphabet

Bulughman dots

The dots are used to change the sounds of some letters; Qiliq (above) changes the sounds of some letters to something else as shown in the charts. Bugh (below) is a mark of stress (double letters).

Bulughman marks

Bulughman numbers

The numbers are written from right to left as well and as they are said. Eg. 1980 becomes 0891.

Bulughman numbers

Sample text

Sample text in the Bulughman alphabet

Listen to this textndfiles/udhr/udhr_bulughman.mp3&autostart=no&loop=no&random=no&remote=no&debug=no">

If you have any questions about the Bulughman alphabet, you can contact TJ at: lonelytj@hotmail.com

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