Ayvarith    Ayvarith

Ayvarith is the creation of TJ, who invented it to write his conlang, Ayvarith, which is a combination and Arabic, Aramaic and Hebrew.

Notable features

  • Type of writing system: abjad
  • Writing direction: right to left in horizontal lines. All the diacritics are placed above the letters.
  • The text can be written without diacritics. Diacritics are used only when emphasis is required.
  • Words are usually separated by spaces, but a dot between words can be used. The usual punctuation marks are not changed, but when used in the middle of the sentence they themselves are considered as a stop or a word separator.

Ayvarith alphabet


There are two sets of consonants, the basic ones, and the ones used for loan or foreign words and names (in blue).

Ayvarith consonants


Ayvarith vowels


  • There are short and long vowels. Short vowels are made by placing diacritics above the letters while long vowels are made by other letters combined with the consonants.
  • By default, the "gavva" inherits the vowel "a" when it comes alone above a letter. To make other combinations, the other diacritics are placed beside the gavva.


Ayvarith numerals

Ayvarith hand script (Magdabiþ Yoodeeþá)    Ayvarith hand script (Magdabiþ Yoodeeþá)

Ayvarith hand script

Sample texts in Ayvarith

Sample text in Ayvarith


yiºulladim e-kil hurašim vi-mšávím bé-krúdaþþá vi-e-hqútún. him yihuttatim a;ašlavah vi-cimrá vi-a;élim yinhagim ºuhrim bé-xúþá.


All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
(Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

Sample text in Ayvarith


Li-anná hadar ravihiþáy?
ºél jandíþá Alayháy
Húþ hín


Where to did my soul go?
to the paradise of my Lord
It is there
In Karbala

Sample text in Ayvarith


ba-bšíþá xawan e-muąlašav
mí e-muąlašav e-núrún xacajim
Alayhá šamar e-muąlašav
rhak! ðan hú rahak
hdar! ðan hú hadar
kazá Alayhá qadal: ba-ąarímáy
anat mayhúváy
baká aqdal
baká ašmar
baká ahtat
baká aqnaš


In the beginning was the mind
from the mind, the lights were created
God commanded the mind
go! then he went
come! then he came
Thus, God announced: by My Glory
you are my beloved
by you I judge
by you I command
by you I give (reward)
by you I punish

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