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Word of the day – flollop

Today’s word, flollop, is used in Douglas Adam’s book, Life, the Universe, and Everything, to describe the movement of a mattress: The mattress flolloped around. This is a thing that only live mattresses in swamps are able to do, which is why the word is not in more common usage. In the book it is […]

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Found fiction

There’s a genre of poetry known as ‘found poetry’ which involves take words, phrases and sometimes longer chunks of text from various sources and arranging them in a poetical way. Here’s a blog called simply ‘found poetry‘ with the subtitle ‘pulling poetry from pages of prosaic piffle’ which features many examples. There’s a short story […]

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Bilingual novels

The other day, someone mentioned that large chunks of French dialogue appear in War and Peace without any translation into Russian. In the 19th century, when the novel was written, knowledge of French was widespread among the Russian aristocracy and they tended to speak French to each other. So they would have been able to […]

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