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The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11: 1-9)

Hawaiian Pidgin / Hawaii Creole English

Da Babylon Peopo Get Big Head An Build One Towa

  1. Had one time, all da peopo inside da world talk da same language still yet.
  2. Dat time, had plenny peopo dat no like stay da same place long time, dey like move house from da east side. Wen dey going, dey come Shinar side (dass Babylon side, you know), an dey find one flat place wit plenny land an plenny watta. So dey make house ova dea.
  3. Erybody tell dea friends: "Eh, we go make brick fo house, da kine you put inside da fire fo make um come real hard." Ova dea, dey use brick cuz no mo rock, an dey ony get da tar dat come outa da groun fo make da brick stuck togedda, cuz no mo da right kine mud.
  4. Den dey talk: "Eh! You know wat? We go build one big town fo all us guys. We make one big towa dea dat go up inside da sky wea God stay! If we do dat, den we goin get big name, an all us guys goin stay hea togedda, we no need move house all ova da place no moa."

Yahweh Mess Up Da Babylon Peopo Language

  1. Yahweh Up Dea Inside Da Sky, he wen go down by dea town fo look, an fo check out da towa dat da peopo build.
  2. Yahweh, he tinking lidis: "Dis peopo, dey all one an dey all get one language. Wit dis towa, dis peopo ony starting fo do stuff! An latas, dey goin do moa. Cuz now, dey get da powa fo do wateva dey make plan fo do.
  3. So! I going down dea by dem an mess up dea language. Den no goin get nobody dat undastan each odda language."
  4. Dass how Yahweh wen make da peopo move all ova da world, an az why dey neva finish building da town.
  5. An dass how come nowdays dey call dat place Babylon, cuz was dea dat Yahweh wen mess up dea language. Dat make all da diffren peopos hea inside da world talk diffren kine. "Babylon" sound kinda like how dey say "mess up", Hebrew language. Dass how Yahweh wen make all da diffren peopos go way from Shinar an go all ova da world.

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