Tikopia is a Polynesian language spoken on the island of Tikopia in the Solomon Islands by about 3,300 people. There are also somes speakers of Tikopia on Vanikoro, another part of the Solomon Islands. It is closely related to Anuta.

Tikopia was first documented by the Rev. W. J. Durrad in 1910, and later by the linguist Raymond Firth, who produced a Tikopia dictionary and other documentation. There is also a Tikopia version of the Bible.

Tikopia alphabet and pronunciation

Tikopia pronunciation

Note: there is some debate among linguists about whether /l/ or /r/ is used in Tikopia. Early accounts found more instances of /r/, while some later ones find only /l/.

Download a chart of the Tikopia alphabet (PDF in German)

Information about the Tikopia alphabet and pronunciation compiled by Wolfram Siegel

Sample video in Tikopia


Information about Tikopia

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