Narim (Boya)

Narim is a Nilo-Saharan language spoken in the Boya Hills of South Sudan by about 3,600 people. It is also known as Larim, Laarim or Longarim, and belongs to the Surmic branch of the Eastern Sudanic languages.

Narim alphabet and pronunciation

Narim alphabet and pronunciation

Sample text

A ne, avu da balola Laarimi Looca ĩcĩ ithiopia, attia baath lõkõrẽ cĩ Ithiopia kĩ Kẽnia ĩthõng ullucciak Mogila.


It is said that a long time ago, Laarim were in the land of Ethiopia. They came to the desert neighbouring Ethiopia and Kenya and came down to Mogila.


Information compiled by Michael Peter Füstumum


Information about Narim

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