Lipan Apache

Lipan Apache is an Southern Athabaskan language that was spoken in the Texas, New Mexico and Colorado in the USA, and in Chihuahua, Nuevo León, Coahuila, and Tamaulipas in northern Mexico. Today there are Lipan Apache people in Texas, New Mexico, in the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation in Arizona, and the Mescalero Reservation in New Mexico.

The last known native speaker of Lipan Apache died in the 1980s, however there are efforts to rivitalize it, particularly since 2013. There are classes in San Antonio in Texas mainly in Jicarilla Apache with some Lipan Apache.

The name Lipan means "The Light Gray People", and comes from the Lipan words kleh-pai (light gray) and indeh/ndé (the people/tribe).

Lipan Apache alphabet and pronunciation

Apache alphabet and pronunciation

An acute accent (á) can be used to indicate a high tone, while a grave accent (à) is used to indicate a low tone.

Download an alphabet chart for Lipan Apache (Excel)

Sample text in Lipan Apache

djùnà' ái bìdà' tíngè' t' á ìgaì dì gò'
bè dà' gùnòyè gè' dè yà tc' ìndí dì
djígùnà' ái bìjà jé' dá à' dj ' dè yà tc' ìndí d
'ìckî n dá à' dj ' dè yà h dè yà tc' ìndí d
djùnà' ái bì dùt ' ìjì bìnànt' à' nànt' à' dòxá yò'
bì ' ágòdo dí ì' bì dìs' èsts' tc' ìndí


Sun, his doorway outside, White water, four-ply
By, above, mirage at, he walks, they say.
Sun, his child one day he walks they say.
Boy, one day the one who walks, he walks they say.
Sun, his turquoise his chief, chief never
has he trouble with him sound approaches they say

From: Idìyitá (He Makes It Walk)

Sample video in Lipan Apache


Information about Lipan Apache

The Official Website of the Lipan Apache Tribe

Online Apache Texts

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