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Hän (Häł gołan)

Hän is a Na-Déné language of the Northern Athabaskan sub-group. It is spoken in Dawson City in Yukon in Canada, and in Eagle, a city on the south bank of the Yukon River in Alaska in the USA. In 2007 there were 10 Hän speakers, all of whom are elders. They call themselves Hän Hwëch'in or "people who live along the (Yukon) River". Hän is closely related to Gwich’in and Upper Tanana.

A spelling system for Hän was devised by linguists in the 1970s.

In 1991 a program to revive Hän was set up at Robert Service School in Dawson City. There are language classes for adults, cultural gatherings, a bi-annual summer celebration at Moosehide, and various learning materials are being produced.

Hän pronunciation

Hän pronunciation

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Sample sentence in Hän

Shëtsǫ 'yul hè ä̀nëtl'ù' ts'ą̈̀' këntrą̈ ohtsey.

You can hear a recording of this sentence by clicking on it.


My grandmother is sewing beads and making moccasins.

Source: Yukon Native Language Centre


Information about the Hän language

Community Profile of the Hän Hwëch'in people

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