Goral (Górolski)

Goral is a group of West Slavic dialects transitional between Lesser Polish and Slovak spoken in the Goral Lands (Góralscýzna) in southern Poland, northern Slovakia and northeastern Czechia. In particular, they are spoken in the Beskids mountains and the Podhale region of Poland, which is also known as the Polish Highlands; in the Spiš, Orava and Kysuce regions of Slovakia; and in Gorolia or southern Zaolzie in the Cieszyn Silesia region of Czechia.

Goral dialects include: Zagórzan, Silesian Beskid, Zywiecan, Babiogoran, Oravan, Podhalan, Spišan, Kliszczakan, Čadcan (Kysucan), Łąckan, Pieninan and Nadpopradan. They combine elements of Polish, Slovak, Rusyn and Silesian, with loan-words from Romanian and Albanian.

There are various ways to write Goral dialects based mainly on Polish or Slovak spelling conventions. The Podhalan dialect is the basis for standard written Goral.

Goral alphabet and pronunciation

Goral alphabet and pronunciation

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Sample text

E dy przýdźciéz choćkié ku nom na jakié posiady, coby my sié tyz krapke uweselyli.


Come to our party to cheer yourself up a little.

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