This is a Slovak version of the song Jiggle Bells.


Hurá, už je sneh, rozlieha sa smiech.
Deti kričia, zvonček znie, biele mámenie.
Sneh je vôkol nás, svetu dáva jas.
Rozlieha sa zvonenie, zima je tu zas.

Rolničky, rolničky, kto vám dal ten hlas?
Ježiško maličký a či Mikuláš?
Rolničky, rolničky, prinášajú sneh,
piesne našej mamičky,
Vianoce a smiech.


Hurray, it's snowing again and we're laughing.
Children are screaming, bells are ringing, white is everywhere.
Snow surrounds us, it gives brightness in the world.
Bells are ringing, winter has come again.

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, who gave you that sound?
Baby Jesus or St. Nicholas?
Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, they use to come with snow,
they used to come with the mummies' song,
with Christmas and laughter.

Slovak version and translation provided by Csaba Köböl

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