Italian birthday songs

Here are some Italian birthday songs.

Happy Birthday to you in Italian

Buon compleanno a te,
buon compleanno a te,
buon compleanno nome,
buon compleanno a te!

Another birthday song in Italian

Ecco la torta con tante candeline,
una ogni anno per il suo compleanno.
Ecco la torta di crema e cioccolato,
scritto sta il suo nome col zucchero filato.
Tanti auguri a te,
Tanti auguri a te,
Tanti auguri caro/cara nome,
Tanti auguri a te!

Translation (of first four lines)

Here is the cake with many candles,
one for every year for his birthday.
Here is the cream pie and chocolate,
his name is written with cotton candy.

Provided by Marcello Gianola and Ivano Auletta

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