Dutch birthday songs

Here are some Dutch songs used to wish people a happy birthday.

Lang zal hij/ze leven (Long shall he/she live)

Lang zal hij/ze leven,
Lang zal hij/ze leven,
Lang zal hij/ze leven,
In de gloria,
In de gloria,
In de gloria,
Hip, hip, hip, hoera!
Hip, hip, hip, hoera!
Hip, hip, hip, hoera!

Alternatively the last line can be repeated as many times as the age of the person whose birthday is being celebrated.


Long shall he/she live (3x)
In the gloria (3x)

Information provided by Jonathan Mertens

Er is er een jarig hoera-hoera

Er is er een jarig hoera-hoera
Dat kun je wel zien dat is hij/zij.
Wij vinden het allen zo prettig ja-ja,
En daarom zingen wij blij:
Hij/zij leve lang hoera-hoera,
Hij/zij leve la-ang hoera.


It's someone's birthday today hurrah-hurrah,
It's easy to see that it's him/her.
All of us think it's really nice,
And that's why we happily sing:
Let him/her live long hurrah-hurrah,
Let him/her live long hurrah.


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