Useful phrases in Wayuu

A collection of useful phrases in Wayuu (Wayuunaiki), an Arawakan language spoken in northwestern Venezuela and northeastern Colombia.

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Key to abbreviations: pl = plural (said to more than one person), f = said by females, m = said by males

Phrase Wayuunaiki (Wayuu)
Welcome Antashii jaya (pl)
Antashi pia (m)
Antasü pia (f)
Hello (General greeting) Ajaa!
Jamaya pia!
How are you? Anayaashije'e pia? (m)
Anayaasüje'e pia? (f)
Reply to 'How are you?' Anashi taya (m)
Anasü taya (f)
What's your name? Kasaichit pünülia?
My name is ... Tanülia… ...
Where are you from? Jalajeechi pia yaa? (m)
Jalajeetü pia yaa? (f)
I'm from ... Chajeejachi taya …jee ... (m)
Chajeejatü …jee ... (f)
Good morning
(Morning greeting)
Wattamalü, wattachon
Good afternoon
(Afternoon greeting)
Good evening
(Evening greeting)
Good night Aipa'a
(Parting phrases)
O'uneechi taya (m)
O'unerü taya (f)
Good luck! Apeechi Maleiwa kasa anasü pümüin
Have a nice day Anasü wattamat
Yes Aa
No Nnojo
Maybe Yala
I don't know Nnojotsü kasain tatüjain saa'u (m)
Nnojoishi tatüjain (m)
Nnojotsü tatüjain (f)
Do you understand? Püyawaatüin saa'u?
I understand Tayawaatüin saa'u
I don't understand Nnojoishi ayawaatüin saa'u (m)
Nnojotsü ayawaatüin saa'u (f)
Please speak more slowly Kamanee pia, pashajaa jiatta tamüin
Please say that again Kamanee pia, püma türa püchukua
Please write it down Kamanee pia, pashaja türa tamüin
Do you speak English? Atüjüshi pia inkülenaiki? (m)
Atüjüsü pia inkülenaiji? (f)
Do you speak Wayuu? Atüjüshi pia wayuunaiki? (m)
Atüjüsü pia wayuunaiki? (f)
Yes, a little
(reply to 'Do you speak ...?')
Aa, eesü tajatüin
Do you speak a language
other than
Pashajaa wayuunaiki
Speak to me in Wayuu Pashajaa wayuunaiki
How do you say ... in Wayuu? Jamaa püshajaaka … sünain wayuunaiki?
Excuse me Jalia pia taa'in
How much is this? Je'raa nnerü sümüin?
Sorry Jalia pia taa'in
Please Kamanee pia
Thank you Anayaawatsuje
Reply to thank you Anasü
Where's the toilet / bathroom? Jarat tü wañokat?
This gentleman will pay for everything Awalajüinjachi, chi toolokai
This lady will pay for everything Awalajüinjatü, tü majayütkat
Would you like to dance with me? Ayonnajeeshi pia tamaa? (m)
Ayonnajeesü pia tamaa? (f)
Do you come here often? O'unapu'ushi pia ya'aya? (m)
O'unapu'usü pia ya'aya (f)
I miss you Jülüjasü pia taa'in (f)
Jülüjashi pia taa'in (m)
I love you Aisü tapüla pia (f)
Aishi tapüla pia (m)
Get well soon Awaleechi pia malü (m)
Awaleerü pia malü (f)
Go away! O'una pia!
Leave me alone! Poo'ula taya!
Help! Pükaaliija taya!
Fire! Siki!
Stop! Jimata pia!
Call the police! Pasakaja pia chi polisiakai
Christmas greetings Anasü sükalia jemeliin nüchon Maleiwa
New Year greetings Anasü juyaa jeket
Easter greetings Anasü paskua
Birthday greetings Talata pia sümaa ekettaja juyaa
Congratulations! Anasü taa'in paalii
One language is never enough Wanee anüiki nnojotsü joulain
My hovercraft is full of eels Eesü mainma ankila'irua sulu'u taerodesülisadorkat

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