Numbers in Tunica

How to count in Tunica (Luhchi Yoroni), a language isolate that was spoken in central Louisiana until 1948, and that is currently being revived.

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Numeral Cardinal numbers
1 saxk, saxku
2 ī’lī
3 ē’nixku
4 ma’ku
5 si’ku
6 ma’xsaxk
7 ta-i’xku
8 ti’xsixku
9 tū’xkusaxk
10 mī’tcu saxk
11 tă’ya saxk, mī’tcusată’sa
12 tăy-ī’lī, mī’tcu saxk tăyī’lī
13 mī’tcusaxk tăyē’nixku
14 mī’tcusaxk tă’yamaku
15 mī’tcusaxk tă’yasiku
16 mī’tcusaxk tăyamaxsak
17 mī’tcusaxk tăyatai’xk
18 mī’tcusaxk tăyatixsik
19 mī’tcusaxk tăyatū’ksaxk
20 mī’tc-īlī
21 mī’tc-īlī tă’yasaxk
22 mī’tc-īlī tăyī’lī
23 mī’tc-īlī tăyē’nixku
24 mī’tc-īlī tă’yamaku
25 mī’tc-īlī tă’yasiku
26 mī’tc-īlī tăyamaxsak
27 mī’tc-īlī tăyatai’xk
28 mī’tc-īlī tăyatixsik
29 mī’tc-īlī tăyatū’ksaxk
30 mī’tc-ē’nixku
40 mī’tce ma’nku
50 mī’tc si’ku
60 mī’tce ma’xsaxk
70 mī’tce ta’-ixku, mī’tce ta’-iku
80 mī’tce ti’xsixku
90 mī’tce tū’kūsaxk
100 pō’lūn
200 pō’lūn ī’lī
300 pō’lūn ē’nixku
400 pō’lūn ma’ku
500 pō’lūn si’ku
600 pō’lūn ma’xsaxk
700 pō’lūn ta-i’xku
800 pō’lūn ti’xsixku
900 pō’lūn tū’xkusaxk
1,000 pō’lūn tikha’yi
twice ī’lī ya’xki
three times ē’nixku ya’xki
four times ma’ku ya’xki
five times si’ku ya’xki
six times ma’xsaxk ya’xki

Source: John R. Swanton. The Tunica Language. International Journal of American Linguistics, Volume 2, Numbers 1 and 2. Published 1921.

Information compiled by Wolfgang Kuhl

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