Zakhring numbers

How to count in Zakhring, a Midzuish language, or a language isolate, spoken in Arunachal Pradesh in the northeast of India.

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Numeral Cardinal
1 chak, chek
2 ni
3 som
4 jee
5 nga
6 trok
7 dèn, dun, dan
8 zat
9 gu
10 chu
11 chok chek, chok chik, chuk chik, chuchik
12 chuni
13 chok-som, chuksom
14 chu-jee
15 changa
16 chap-trok
17 chup-dem, chopdan
18 chu-zat, chopzat
19 chu-gu, churgu
20 nisu, nichu
21 nisu cha chek
22 nisu chani
23 nisu cha som
24 nisu chajee
25 nisu changa
26 nisu chatrok, nisu chathu
27 nisu cha dan
28 nisu cha zat
29 nisu cha gu
30 somju
31 somju suchak
32 somju suni
33 somju susom
34 somju sujee, somju sujè
35 somju sunga
36 somju sutrok
37 somju sudan
38 somju suzat
39 somju sugu
40 yupchu, yopchu
41 yupchu-yechak
49 yupchu-yegu
50 ngapchu
51 ngapchu nga chak
52 ngapchu ngani
60 trok-chu
61 trok-yuni
62 trok chusom
70 dèchu, danchu
71 dèchu dèn chak
80 zat chu
81 zat chu zat chak
90 gup chu
100 ja
111 ja chok chik
121 ja nisu cha chak
200 ni-ja, nip ja
300 som-ja
400 jee-ja
500 nga-ja
600 trok-ja
700 dan-ja, dèn-ja
800 zat-ja
900 gu-ja
1,000 tung tak
1/2 kemo chikho
1/3 trusom
1/4 trujee
double nechak
triple kesom dak-a, somchak

Source: Victor Landi. The Meyors and their Language. Directorate of Research, Government of Arunchanal Pradesh, Itanagar – 2005.

Information about Zakhring

Information provided by Wolfgang Kuhl

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