Hajong numbers (हिन्दी संख्याएँ)

How to count in Hajong, an Indo-Aryan language with a Tibeto-Burman substrate spoken in parts of India and Bangladesh

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Numeral Cardinal number
1 ek, ekong
2 dui, bekong
3 tin, tusing
4 câr, cabong
5 pas, laying
6 soy, lotang
7 sat, kobrang
8 at, gotang
9 noy, nan
10 dos, dosong
11 egaro, ek-ekong
12 baro, ek-bekong
13 tero, ek-tusing
14 cuddo, ek-cabong
15 pondro, ek-laying
16 sulo, ek-lotang
17 sotoro, ek-kobrang
18 atharo, ek-gotang
19 unnis, ek-nan
20 bis, besong
21 be-ekong
22 be-bekong
23 be-tusing
24 be-cabong
25 be-laying
26 be-lotang
27 be-kobrang
28 be-gotang
29 be-nan
30 tiris, tusong
40 culis, casong
50 poncas, lasong
60 sâit, losong
70 kosong
80 gosong
90 nasong
100 so, sotang
200 be-sotang
300 tu-sotang
400 ca-sotang
500 la-sotang
600 lo-sotang
700 ko-sotang
800 go-sotang
900 na-sotang
1,000 hajar, esotang
2,000 be-esotang
3,000 tu-esotang
4,000 ca- sotang
5,000 la-esotang
6,000 lo-esotang
7,000 ko-esotang
8,000 go-esotang
9,000 na-esotang
10,000 dosotang
20,000 be-dosotang
30,000 tu-dosotang
40,000 ca-dosotang
50,000 la-dosotang
60,000 lo-dosotang
70,000 ko-dosotang
80,000 go-dosotang
90,000 na-dosotang
100,000 esosotang
200,000 be-sosotang
300,000 tu-sosotang
400,000 ca-sosotang
500,000 la-sosotang
600,000 lo-sosotang
700,000 ko-sosotang
800,000 go-sosotang
900,000 na-sosotang
1,000,000 notang
2,000,000 be-notang
3,000,000 tu-notang
4,000,000 ca-notang
5,000,000 la-notang
6,000,000 lo-notang
7,000,000 ko-notang
8,000,000 go-notang
9,000,000 na-notang
10,000,000 do-notang
million ta-notang
billion so-notang
trillion jo-notang
jillion no-notang


Information compiled by Wolfgang Kuhl

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