Numbers in Celtic languages

How to count in the six modern Celtic languages (Breton, Cornish, Welsh, Irish, Manx, Scottish Gaelic).

Key to abbreviations: m = masculine, f = feminine

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Irish Gaelic
Manx Gaelic
Scottish Gaelic
0 mann man sero/dim náid neunhee neoini
1 unan onan, onen
unn (before noun)
un aon nane
un, unnane
2 daou (m) div (f) dew (m) diw (f) dau (m) dwy (f) jees
3 tri (m) teir (f) tri (m) teyr (f) tri (m) tair (f) trí tree trì
4 pevar (m) peder (f) peswar (m) peder (f) pedwar (m) pedair (f) ceathair kiare ceithir
5 pemp pymp pum(p) cúig queig còig
6 c'hwec'h hwegh chwe(ch) shey sia
7 seizh seyth saith seacht shiaght seachd
8 eizh eth wyth ocht hoght ochd
9 nav naw naw naoi nuy naoi
10 dek deg deg deich jeih deich
11 unnek unnek unarddeg
un deg un
aon déag nane-jeig
aon deug
12 daouzek dewdhek deuddeg
un deg dau
dó dhéag daa-yeig d(h)à dheug
13 trizek tredhek tri ar ddeg
un deg tri
trí déag tree-jeig trì deug
14 pevarzek peswardhek pedwar ar ddeg
un deg pedwar
ceathair déag kiare-jeig ceithir deug
15 pemzek pymthek pymtheg
un deg pump
cúig déag queig-jeig còig deug
16 c'hwezek hwetek un ar bymtheg
un deg chwech
sé déag shey-jeig sia deug
17 seitek seytek dau ar bymtheg
un deg saith
seacht déag shiaght-jeig seachd deug
18 triwec'h etek deunaw
un deg wyth
ocht déag hoght-jeig ochd deug
19 naontek nownsek pedwar ar bymtheg
un deg nau
naoi déag nuy-jeig naoi deug
20 ugent ugens ugain
dau ddeg
fiche feed fichead
21 unan warn ugent onan warn ugens un ar hugain
dau ddeg un
fiche a haon nane as feed aon air fhichead
fichead 's a haon
22 daou warn ugent dew warn ugens dau ar hugain
dau ddeg dau
fiche a dó jees as feed dhà air fhichead
fichead 's a dhà
23 tri warn ugent tri warn ugens tri ar hugain
dau ddeg tri
fiche a trí tree as feed trì air fhichead
fichead 's a trì
24 pevar warn ugent peswar warn ugens pedwar ar hugain
dau ddeg pedwar
fiche a ceathair kiare as feed ceithir air fhichead
fichead 's a ceithir
25 pemp warn ugent pymp warn ugens pump ar hugain
dau ddeg pump
fiche a cúig queig as feed còig air fhichead
fichead 's a còig
26 c'hwec'h warn ugent hwegh warn ugens chwech ar hugain
dau ddeg chwech
fiche a sé shey as feed sia air fhichead
fichead 's a sia
27 seizh warn ugent seyth warn ugens saith ar hugain
dau ddeg pedwar
fiche a seacht shiaght as feed seachd air fhichead
fichead 's a seachd
28 eizh warn ugent eth warn ugens wyth ar hugain
dau ddeg wyth
fiche a hocht hoght as feed ochd air fhichead
fichead 's a hochd
29 nav warn ugent naw warn ugens naw ar hugain
dau ddeg naw
fiche a naoi nuy as feed naoi air fhichead
fichead 's a naoi
30 tregont deg warn ugens deg ar hugain
tri deg
tríocha jeih as feed deich air fhichead
31 unan ha tregont uunek warn ugens unarddeg ar hugain
tri deg un
tríocha a haon nane-jeig as feed aon deug air fhichead
trithead 's a haon
32 daou ha tregont dewdhek warn ugens deuddeg ar hugain
tri deg dau
tríocha a dó daa-yeig as feed dhà dheug air fhichead
trithead 's a dhà
33 tri ha tregont tredhek warn ugens

tri ar ddeg ar hugain
tri deg tri

tríocha a trí tree-jeig as feed trì deug air fhichead
trithead 's a trì
34 pevar ha tregont peswardhek warn ugens pedwar deg ar hugain
tri deg pedwar
tríocha a ceathair kiare-jeig as feed ceithir deug air fhichead
trithead 's a ceithir
35 pemp ha tregont pymthek warn ugens pymtheg ar hugain
tri deg pump
tríocha a cúig queig-jeig as feed còig deug air fhichead
trithead 's a còig
36 c'hwec'h ha tregont hewtek warn ugens un ar bymtheg ar hugain
tri deg chwech
tríocha a sé shey-jeig as feed sia deug air fhichead
trithead 's a sia
37 seizh ha tregont seytek warn ugens dau ar bymtheg ar hugain
tri deg saith
tríocha a seacht shiaght-jeig as feed seachd deug air fhichead
trithead 's a seachd
38 eizh ha tregont etek warn ugens daunaw ar hugain
tri deg wyth
tríocha a hocht hoght-jeig as feed ochd deug air fhichead
trithead 's a ochd
39 nav ha tregont nownsek warn ugens pewdar ar bymtheg ar hugain
tri deg
tríocha a naoi nuy-jeig as feed naoi deug air fhichead
trithead 's a naoi
40 daou-ugent dew-ugens deugain
pedwar deg
daeed dà fhichead
50 hanter-kant hanterkans
deg ha dew-ugens
hanner cant
pum deg
caoga jeih as daeed / lieh cheead
dà fhichead 's deich / leth-cheud
60 tri-ugent tri-ugens trigain
chwe deg
seasca tree feed trì fichead
70 dek ha tri-ugent deg ha tri-ugens deg a thrigain
saith deg
seachtó tree feed as jeih trì fichead 's deich
80 pevar-ugent peswar-ugens pedwar ugain
wyth deg
ochtó kiare feed ceithir fichead
90 dek ha pevar-ugent deg ha peswar-ugens deg a phedwar ugain
naw deg
nócha kiare feed as jeih ceithir fichead 's deich
100 kant kans cant céad keead ceud
1000 mil mil mil míle milley
jeih keead
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