Gyorsrovás    Gyorsrovás

Gyorsrovás (in English: Quick Runic or Runic Shorthand) was developed by Attila Répai as an alternative way to write Hungarian using a rounded style of the Hungarian rovás (used in books between the 16th and 19th centuries).

The reason of creating this alphabet was to make the Rovás handwriting faster and easier. For this purpose the original letters were simplified or reduced to their most important part. Another advantage of Gyorsrovás over the Latin alphabet is that it reduces the overall length of a Hungarian text as it doesn't contain digraphs and words can be abbraviated.

Origin of the Gyorsrovás letters

Notable features

Gyorsrovás alphabet

Gyorsrovás alphabet




Most of the punctuation marks are identical with the English ones. These are the exceptions:

Gyorsrovás punctuation

Sample texts in Hungarian

Without abbreviations

Sample text in Gyorsrovás without abbreviations


Minden emberi lény szabadon születik és egyenlő méltósága és joga van. Az emberek, ésszel és lelkiismerettel bírván, egymással szemben testvéri szellemben kell, hogy viseltessenek.
(Az Emberi Jogok Egyetemes Nyilatkozata, 1. cikk)

With diacritical E's

Sample text in Gyorsrovás with diacritical E's


Mind'n emb'ri lény szabadon szül'tik és egy'nlő méltósága és joga van. Az emb'r'k, éssz'l és lelkiism'r'tt'l bírván, egymással sz'mb'n t'stvéri sz'll'mb'n k'll, hogy vis'lt'ss'n'k.
(Az Emb'ri Jogok Egy't'm's Nyilatkozata, 1. cikk)

With abbreviations, medial E's are omitted

Sample text in Gyorsrovás with abbreviations, medial E's are omitted


Sample text in Gyorsrovás


Mindn embri lény szabadon szültik s egynlő méltósága s joga van. Z embrk, ésszl s lelkiismrttl bírván, egymással szmbn tstvéri szllmbn kll, h visltssnk.
(Z Embri Jogok Egytms Nyilatkozata, 1. cikk)


All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
(Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 1)

Longer sample text (Tower of Babel)

Alphabets invented by Attila Répai

Avorentas HGV, Gyorsrovás

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