Georgian for Swiss German (მჩედრული ფურს შვიიცერდუუჭ)

This is a way to write Swiss German with the Georgian Mkhedruli Alphabet devised by Mielikki Krekola. It includes some letters that are no longer used in current-day Georgian. Letters with umlauts ä, ö and ü can be written with ღ/ჱ, ჵ and ჟ, or with აე (ae), ოე (oe) and უე (ue). To write long vowels and consonants the letter is just used twice, e.g. ა = [a], აა = [aː].

Notable features

Georgian Mkhedruli alphabet for Swiss German

Georgian Mkhedruli alphabet for Swiss German

Download an alphabet chart for the Georgian alphabet for Swiss German (Excel)

Sample texts

ალლი მჱნშღ სინდ ფრეი უნდ მით დღ გლიიჩღ ვჟრდღ უნდ რჱჩთ გებოორღ. სი სინდ მით ფერნუნფთ უნდ ღმღ გვჟსსღ გსჱგნეთ უნდ სჵთთედ ღნანდ იმ გჱიშთ ფო დღ ბრჟღდერლიჩქეით ბეგჱგნღ.


alli Mänschä sind frei und mit dä gliichä würdä und rächt geboorä. si sind mit fernunft und ämä gwüssä gsägnet und sötted änand im gäischt fo dä brüäderlichkeit begägnä.


All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
(Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

დღ პაპშთ ჰჱთ ს’შპჱქქ ბშთექქ ც’შპიჱც ც’შპაათ ბშთელლთ.


dä papscht hät s’schpäck bschteck z’schpiäz z’schpaat bschtellt.


The pope ordered the cutlery to eat bacon with too late from Spiez.
(Swiss tongue twister)

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