Futxorkx (ᚠᚢᚦᚩᚱᚲ)

Futxorkx was created by Tom Patterson to write the Na'vi language from the film Avatar, which looks a little nicer than the usual Latin orthography. It is based primarily on Anglo-Saxon runes (Futhorc), and also on Elder Futhark, Younger Futhark and medieval Futhork.

Notable features


Futxorkx script

Download an alphabet chart for Futxorkx (Excel)

Sample text

ᛉᚪᛞᚢ ᚩᛖ ᚠᚱᚢ ᛇᛣᚾᛇᛗᚪᛃᚪ ᚾᛁᚠᚦᚪᚡᚪᛝ ᛏᛇᛝ ᛗᛇᛣᛃᚢᚾ, ᛏᛇᛝ ᚾᚪᚱᛇ ᛏᚩᛗᛈᚪᛃᚫ ᛣᚪᛏᚩ, ᛎᚪᚹᛣᛖᛃᚫ ᛣᚪᛏᚩ ᛊᛁᛞᛖᛣᚩᛝ ᛏᛖᛞᛚᚪᚾᚫ ᚩᛖᚱᚢ ᛏᛖᛃᚪ ᛊᛇ
Part of The Storm by TheFatRat and Maisy Kay


Za'u oe fru iknimaya
Nìftxavang ting mikyun ting nari
Tompayä kato, tsawkeyä kato
Sì'ekong te'lanä oeru teya si


I come from the stairway to heaven
With all your heart, listen, look
The rhythm of the rain and sun
and the beat of the hearts fill me

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Information about Na'vi

Runic scripts

Elder Futhark, Younger Futhork, Medieval (Latinised) Futhark, Dalecarlian Runes, Anglo-Saxon Runes

Scripts by Tom Patterson

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