Cǎo Yīn Zì (草音字) Cǎo Yīn Zì

Cǎo Yīn Zì is an alternative alphabet for Mandarin Chinese invented by Mattias Persson (lamperss@comhem.se). The alphabet is based on bopomofo, the Chinese phonetic symbols used mainly in Taiwan.

The name of this alphabet, suggest by Simon Ager, means Draft Phonetic Characters. It takes the draft part from the cursive form of the Chinese script, known literally as 'Draft Script' (草书 [cǎoshū]).

Cǎo Yīn Zì initials

Cǎo Yīn Zì initials

Cǎo Yīn Zì finals

Cǎo Yīn Zì finals

Cǎo Yīn Zì tone letters

Cǎo Yīn Zì tone letters


Cǎo Yīn Zì notes

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