Aymara Syllabics (ᐊᐃᒪᖞᓇ ᐊᖝ ᕋᕤ ᕆᕪᕋ)

Aymara Syllabics was invented by Nima Farid in June 2021. It is a way to write Aymara, which is spoken mainly in Bolivia and Peru, with Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics, a writing system used to write some of the indigenous languages of Canada, such as Cree, Ojibwe and Inuktitut.

Aymara Syllabics is known in Aymara as ᐊᐃᒪᖞᓇ ᐊᖝ ᕋᕤ ᕆᕪᕋ (aymarana aru qallu qillqa - "Aymara syllable alphabet"), or ᐊᐃᒪᖞ ᐊᒐᑲᐦᐊ (Aymara Achakaja - "Aymara ABCs").

This particular script was designed for Aymara specifically, but it is very similar to the script developed by Nima Farid for Quechua as well.

Notable features

Aymara Syllabics

Aymara Syllabics

Download an alphabet chart for Aymara Syllabics

Sample text (Romans 8:38-39)

  1. ᐅᑲᑦ ᓇᔭᕻ ᐊᒧᑦᔭ, ᐦᐊᓂᕝ ᑯᓇᐢ ᑚᐆᓴᓐ ᒧᓇᓯᖬᐸᑦ ᐊᐸᕐᑭᐢᑕᐢᐸᑎ: ᐦᐃᕙᓴ, ᐦᐊᑲᖬᓴ, ᐊᓐᑹᓚᓇᑲᓴ, ᐊᐦᐊᐃ ᒐᐤᒪᓇᑲᓴ, ᐦᐃᒐᐠᓴ, ᐦᐅᑎᖟ ᐅᖝᓇᑲᓴ
  2. ᐊᓚᔭᓐᒃᑭ ᐅᑲᓴ, ᒪᓐᕋᐠᓐᒃᑭ ᐅᑲᓴ, ᑚᐆᓴᓐ ᔭᕋᐠ ᓗᖞᑕᓇᑲᐸᓴ᙮ ᐦᐊᓂᐳᓂᕝ ᑯᓇᐢ ᐊᐸᕐᑭᐢᑕᐢᐸᑎ, ᑚᐆᓴᕻ ᐦᐄᓱᒃᖜᐢᑐ ᑕᑎᑐᐢ ᑐᕆ ᐅᖬᒡᑕᐤᑭᐢᑐ ᐅᑲ ᒧᓇᓯᖬᐸᑦᕹ!


  1. Ukat nayax amuyta, janiw kunas Diosan munasiñapat apaqkistaspati: jiwasa, jakañasa, angelanakasa, ajay ch'amanakasa, jichhasa, jutir urunakasa,
  2. alayankki ukasa, manqhankki ukasa, Diosan yaqha luratanakapasa. ¡Janipuniw kunas apaqkistaspati, Diosax Jesucristo Tatitus tuqi uñacht'aykistu uka munasiñapatxa!


  1. For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come,
  2. Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

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