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This week the quiz is a bit different. As I’m currently at the #PolyglotGathering, I thought I’d come up with a question related to the event.

So, the question is, can you guess which of these languages has not been talked about here (in one of the talks or lectures): Ukrainian, Warlpiri, Rapa Nui, Southern Sami, Manx, Tunica, or Shanghainese.

No cheating by looking at the program now 🙂

Yesterday was a good day with some interesting talks and conversations. At the International Culutural Evening I sang a Welsh folk song (Gwcw Fach) on my own, and two songs with a few others – one in Spanish (Cielito Lindo), and one in Māori (Ngā iwi e).

3 thoughts on “Language quiz

  1. Manx and Tunica are the subject of active revival efforts. Rapa Nui may have come up in a discussion of undecipherable scripts. Ukranian and Shanghainese are too large to be ignored. IThat leaves Warlpiri and Southern Sami, and I think it’s mire likely t a polyglot gathering to have someone with several Uralic languages than several Pama-Nyungan.

    Based on this, I’ll guess Warlpiri.

  2. Tunica is thus far a pretty small-scale operation. I’m going to guess that.

  3. The answer is Rapa Nui (Vananga rapa nui), a Polynesian language spoken mainly on Easter Island. It may have been mentioned in the talk about Austronesian languages, but there wasn’t a talk specifically about it.

    There were talks and workshops on all the other languages.

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