Exploring Bratislava

Yesterday was the last day of the #PolyglotGathering. I spent the morning learning how to tell stories through dance. We improvised one dance, then learnt some hula dances. It was a lot of fun, and a nice change from the usual talks.

Here are some photos of the Gathering, and from previous polyglot events:


In the afternoon I went to a talk about podcasting, which was interesting. I’ve been considering starting my own podcast for a while, but haven’t actually got round to it yet. I have a name for it – Radio Omniglot, and some ideas about what I would talk about, and now know more about how to set one up and publicize it.

After dinner – chicken and rice, again, I went with some others to a bar in the Old Town. It was the first time I’d been that side of the river, and had a nice evening there. I didn’t stay out too late, as I was rather tired, and managed to find my way home on foot.

This morning there was a polygot picinc in the Medická záhrada (Medical Gardens), a nice little park not far from the centre of Bratislava. It was quite hot, so most of us sat under a tree, and talked and ate for a while. In the afternoon I went on a walking tour of Bratislava’s old town, which is rather fine, and we had a funny and informative guide. After that some of us went to a Vietnamese restaurant for dinner. Then I come back to my temporary home by tram and on foot.

Here are some photos of Bratislava:


During the Gathering, and today, we got free travel on trams and buses in Bratislava by showing our name badges, although there rarely seem to be ticket inspections. I only took advantage of this last night and today, as the place I’m staying is only a ten minute walk from the Gathering venue. Others stayed further away and used the buses a lot.

I’m flying to Birmingham from Bratislava tomorrow afternoon, and should be back in Bangor tomorrow night.

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  1. Bratislava is very nice city, I was here last year, I believe that you have spent great time here. Thanks for the post.

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