The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11: 1-9)


  1. Ka 'teng-gbani jaa daang tari kokori bung'yeni aning tin bung'yeni.
  2. 'Beng la bang daang wa 'chene gara sa'muni seng, bang nye ji-gbalinggbaaha kanga Sainar paaluung. Bang daang 'jing be.
  3. 'Beng la bang yeli 'ku taa: Ye wa, ye veng ka ti ngmaahi tambie, a nyuomaa yaga. Bang daang tari tam'bie ang ahi 'kubo bogung, a miera aning 'koo-taari ang ahi tammierihi bogung.
  4. 'Beng la bang yeli: Ye wa ka ti me 'yi-kpong aning 'deduoruu, ka a 'deduoruu 'ju-baahaa na ta sagbani. Ye veng ka ti bo 'yuori 'ku ti miihi, ka ti ta wa yaari 'jiihing 'teng-gbani nga jaang.
  5. Ka Ba Tart Baahaa Daana daang 'sigi wa ka u nye a 'yi-kpong aning a 'deduoruu ni ninsaalaa bi-daba ang daang miera ni.
  6. Ka Ba Tart Baahaa Daana daang yeli: Nye, a niba iye bung'yeni. Bang jaa tari kokori bung'yeni ni, yela bang 'piili ira la nga. Pampana yeli 'chibe bang kung la bang i.
  7. Ye wa, a veng ka ti 'sigi a ti jeri ba kokori 'be, ka ba kung la 'wono taa yeliyaga 'muni.
  8. 'Beng la ka Ba Tart Baahaa Daana daang yaariba 'jiihing 'teng-gbani jaang a 'yi 'beng. Bang daang bahi a 'yi-kpong miebu.
  9. Bila 'jung bang buona u 'yuori Baabel, bojung Ba Tart Baahaa Daana daang jeriye 'teng-gbani jaa kokori be. Ka Ba Tart Baahaa Daana daang yaariba 'teng-gbani jaang a 'yi beng.

Source: The Bible in Wali language. BIV 2009 edition.

Contributed by Wolfgang Kuhl

Wali is a member of the Gur branch of Niger-Congo languages spoken in the north west of Ghana by about 138,000 people.

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