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Svan (ლუშნუ ნინ)

Svan is a South Caucasian language spoken by about 30,000 people in the north west of Georgia in Svaneti (სვანეთი). There are also several thousand Svan speakers in Kodori Valley (კოდორის ხეობა) in the Republic of Abkhazia, a disputed political entity which considers itself an independent country, but which is considered part of Georgia by the Georgian government, who designate it the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia.

Svan has no official status in Georgia and there is no standard written form. When it is written, a version of the Georgian alphabet is usually used, though the Cyrillic and Latin alphabets are also used occasionally.

Svan is known as ლუშნუ ნინ (lušnu nin) in Svan, and as სვანური ენა (svanuri ena) in Georgian. It is also called Svanuri in English.

Georgian alphabet for Svan

Svan alphabet and pronunciation

Information about the pronunciation of Svan compiled by Wolfram Siegel

Sample text

Sample text in Svan


Gigo Gelvan lived in the village of Letod. The Qipians were his neighbours, but he didn't want them as neighbours, and especially not as relations. At the time Dadian was king, the ruler of all.


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Information about the Svan language and culture

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