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Kuna (Dulegaya)

Kuna is a Chibchan language spoken in southeastern Panama and northwestern Colombia by about 50,000 people. There are two varieties of Kuna, which is also known as Cuna, San Blas or Island Kuna and Border or Mountain Kuna. They are seen as dialects of a single language, though some linguistics think of them as closely related languages.

The Congreso Nacional Kuna decided on a spelling reform for the Kuna language.

Kuna alphabet and pronunciation

Kuna alphabet and pronunciation

Some phrases in Kuna

Nuwedi = Thank you, Good morning
Nuweigambi = nice to meet you
Beikeni ginika? = What's your name?
Anugaden ... = My name is ...
Beiya benega? = Where are you from?
Takeimalo = Goodbye


Tower of Babel in Kuna


Information about the Kuna language

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