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Gitxsan (Gitksanimx̱ / Gitx̱sanimx̱ / Gitx̱senimx̱)

Gitxsan is a Tsimshianic language spoken along the Skeena River in northwestern British Columbia in Canada. In 2014 there were 350 speakers. The name Gitxsan is used for the language and the people who speak it, and it means the "People of the Skeena River" in Gitxsan. The Skeena is 'Ksan in Gitxsan.

Gitxsan is also known as Gitksan, Giatikshan, Gityskyan or Giklsan, and is closely related to Nisga'a.

Gitxsan alphabet and pronunciation

Gitxsan alphabet and pronunciation

Download an alphabet chart for Gitxsan in PDF or Excel format.

Information about the Gitxsan alphabet provided by Wolfram Siegel

Sample text in Gitxsan

dim yeek’d’m skusiit dapun ‘tayu’n
ganhl ‘kuba maa’ihl doxut go’os sust
helt maa’i ‘tahl’m gii sint

suii ginam’ii hla gatsuut da’whl
amhl ga’bihl menit dim yeekt’m ‘tayu’n



Information about Gitxsan

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