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Buhutu is a member of the Western Oceanic branch of the Malayo-Polynesian language family spoken in Milne Bay Province in Papua New Guinea by about 1,400 people. Most Buhutu speakers live in the Sagarai River Valley between Mullins Harbour on the south coast and the Pima mountains north of the Sagarai.

Buhutu alphabet and pronunciation

Buhutu alphabet and pronunciation

Download an alphabet chart for Buhutu (Excel)

Details of Buhutu pronunciation provided by Michael Peter Füstumum

Sample text

Lahai esega taumoho hesa nuwatuhu ya abi be ya lau ya anloya. Ena 'wayowa faihona ya heheidi, ena kebolo ya bahei yo ena nigo ya abi, na ya aulaha. Ya laulau na ena 'wayowa sibin nohinayai panena sa atahi be sa talatalabwau. Yofede ya lau lebedi.
Taumoho Hesa ya Anloya


One day a man decided to go hunting. He called his three dogs, carried his spear, took his knife and went. He (was) going and his dogs smell (a) bandicoot in its nest. So he went to them.
from: 'A man went Hunting'


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