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Multilingual computing

Accents & special characters - Mac O/S

On a Mac you can use the key combinations listed below to type accented letters and other symbols.

How it works:

To type a lower case letter with an acute accent on it (á é í ó ú)

To type a upper case letter with an acute accent on it (Á É Í Ó Ú)

How to type accented letters

How to type other special characters


Orthographic diacritics and multilingual computing

Character finder - a site where you can find out which accented letters or other characters are used in which language(s), and other useful information about characters, fonts and unicode:

Computing with Accents, Symbols and Foreign Scripts

Typing accented letters and other special characters on a PC (or Mac)

Free keyboard layout for typing many European languages and Japanese rōmaji

Chinese Mac - information about Chinese support on Mac O/S

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Dance Mat Typing

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