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Numbers in Old Celtic languages

  Proto-Celtic Gaulish Common Brittonic Old Welsh Middle Welsh
Primitive Irish Old Irish Classical Gaelic
1 oinos oino oinos un un oinas oen óen
2 dwai do dau dou deu (m) dwy (f) dau dáu
3 treis tri tris tri tri (m) teir (f) tris trí trí
4 kwetweres petor petwar petguar pedwar (m) pedeir (f) kwetur cethair cethir
5 kwenkwe pempe pempe pump pym(p) kweggwe cóic cóic
6 swexs suekos swexs chwech chwech swes
7 sextam sextam sextan saith seith sextan secht secht
8 oxtu oxtu oxta oith wyth oxtan ocht ocht
9 nowan nau nowan naw naw nouin noí noí
10 dekam decam dekan dec deg dekan deec/deich dech

Additional numbers in Middle Welsh: 11 un ar ddeg, 12 deuddeg, 13 tri/teir ar ddeg, 14 pedwar/pedair ar ddeg, 15 pymtheg, 16 un ar bymtheg, 17 deu/dwy ar bymtheg, 18 deunaw, 19 pedwar/pedair ar bymtheg, 20 ugein(t), 21 un ar ugein, 30 deg ar ugein, 40 deu ugain / dugein, 50 deg ar ddeu ugain/ddugein, 60 trei ugein, trugein, 100 can(t), 1000 mil.



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