Unified Alphabet

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Unified Alphabet

Unified Alphabet

The Unified Alphabet (Lo Pame Bugwirsu) alphabet was invented by Matt Youens for use in a fictional story he is writing. It gets its name from the fact that it was formed by uniting existing alphabets and languages of his fictional world. The characters themselves are inspired in part by the Armenian and Georgian alphabets and the Brahmi-derived scripts while the vocabulary of the language they're used to write is adapted from Lojban. Some of the phonology has been altered to reflect features of natural languages.

Notable features

  • Type of writing system: alphabet.
  • Direction writing: left to right in horizontal lines.
  • Used to write: Lo Bangu.
  • Vowels are indicated by a combination of letters and diacritics.
  • The denti-alveolars all have a horizontal bar that joins them when they are adjacent.
  • Much of the punctuation is contained within the language itself, but a pause and the end of a sentence are indicated with a central dot (·) and a mark similar to a colon (:), respectively.

The Unified Alphabet

Unified Alphabet


  • m = [ɱ] before ph.
  • n = [ŋ] before k or g.
  • s = [z] before or after d; the combination ds = [z] word-initially.
  • k = [ʃ] before i or e.
  • g = [dʒ] before i or e.
  • i, u and a are written in full (i) at the beginning of a word, (ii) after a letter already carrying a diacritic, (iii) after h, which has no full form, (iv) when used non-vocalically.
  • i = [i] word-finally and before another vowel.
  • u = [u] word-finally and before another vowel, [w] when written in full directly after k or g, [v] elsewhere when both written in full and followed by a vowel; as v or w it may carry a diacritic.
  • e = [e] word-finally.
  • o = [o] word-finally.
  • uu = [uː] directly after a consonant, [vʊ] or [vu] elsewhere.
  • i, u and the three diphthongs may all be followed by any other short vowel.
  • The digraphs for ch and j are used before u, a and o; the full form of i used here is silent but may carry a diacritic.

Sample text

Sample text in the Unified Alphabet


La Chemphi pu chuuna nu lay Jidaqui chu kuiji lo ri sensa purdi.

IPA Transliteration

[lɐ ˈʃɛɱfi pu ˌʃuːnɐ nu lɐɪ dʒɪˈdɐkwi ʃu kuˈɪdʒi lo ɾi ˌsɛnsɐ ˈpʊɾdi]


The god(s) chose the Jidaqui to tend to the sacred garden.

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