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Takeluma   Takeluma alphabet (ār’rō’gas)

The Takeluma alphabet was invented by Peter Cho as a alternative way of writing English. The shapes of the letters and the sounds they represent are intended to be connected via sound symbolism.

Takete and makeluma The name Takeluma comes from an experiment by Wolfgang Köhler in 1929 which involved showing people shapes like those on the right and asking them to match the shapes the made-up words like takete and makeluma. 95% of the people labelled the shape on top as takete, and the other one as makeluma. This suggests a connection between sounds and shapes similar to the one found in some forms of synesthesia.

Notable features

Takeluma alphabet


Takeluma consonants


Takeluma vowels

You can find more details about Takeluma and Peter Cho's other projects at

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